I want to ride my bicycle

... in San Francisco

This data project aims at focusing on the bike journeys registered in San Francisco in terms of destination and in terms of day time for a day. (29.08.2013)

Kiev crime visualization

How has the revolution impacted crime patterns in Kiev?

This project illustrates changes in crime rates during and shortly after the protests in general as well with regard to the different districts in Kiev.

Women in politics

Did you ever get a feeling that men rule the world?

How true is it actually and if it is true - why are there so very few females among politicians? Before responding why, it is crucial to actually come up with the numbers and see how accurate is the statement on women underrepresentation.

Beer consumption around Europe

Who drinks more and pays less?

In this project beer consumption of 17 European countries is put in relation to beer prices and the average net earnings of individuals.

Brain drain Ireland

Seeking greener grass

Analyzing data from the Irish Central Statistics Office on the decrease of the Irish emigration rate.

The Trojan Horse in the Middle East

An Exploration of Humanitarian Aid and Weapons Trade Data

The following data-driven investigation explores four conflicts taking place in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Syria respectively. This study shows that as a result of ongoing conflicts, the Middle East remains a major player in the global arms market.